WE(i) Think curates holistic wellness concepts, strategies, experiences and programs that promote a healthier, happier and longer life.

Hospitality & Tourism

WE(i) Think works with hotels, resorts and destinations, existing or in development, to create authentic, enhancing, and profitable wellness concepts.

Wellness Retreats

WE(i) Think creates and run bespoke wellness retreats with a holistic approach of health, lifestyle and coaching, tailored to the location and target market. 

Training & Courses

WE(i) Think provides tools and programs to support and accompany brands, owners, properties and their teams with their wellness learning journey.

“My vision for WE(i) Think is to bring together my more than 10 years’ experience in hospitality development and corporate strategy and operations, with my personal credentials in holistic wellbeing, nutrition and health coaching, to create bespoke projects empowering people to live healthier, happier and longer lives.”

Celine Vadam – Founder & CEO


Celine Vadam

Your wellness expert from Concept to Operations

We are experienced hospitality and tourism development experts, with 10+ years’ of strategic and implementation services with the world most prominent high-end brands.

We are also certified health coaches with passion and knowledge in holistic wellbeing. 

Our expertise in wellbeing we use both to work with individual clients but also help hospitality and tourism businesses to develop concepts, properties and retreats that embrace the overall wellbeing experience. We believe that a holistic and integrative approach of wellbeing should radiate through all various aspects such as fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, social activities, This knowledge we apply when working with our individual clients, investors, developers, hotels, and destinations to create bespoke and long-lasting experiences.

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Upcoming Conferences & Events

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We will be speaking at the R&R conference in Portugal from Oct 17-19

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