WE(i) Talk – Food Edition – The Article

Food Edition - the article

By Tina Harringer, Celine Vadam & Laura Vandenhende

Opinion and Research

Like every industry, food is constantly evolving– for better and for worse! On one hand, food is an essential element of our overall health and a great social catalyser, bringing people and communities together, sharing experiences and cultures all around a good meal. Nothing brings people together like good food! On the other hand, the food industry has little consideration for health concerns linked to what we consume, using intensive marketing to make us eat food that it is not good for us, taking away customers’ inner wisdom on what their body needs, and creating great confusion around what to eat and raising chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity.

We will voluntarily not go into nutrition, but we will provide an overview of where the healthy food trend is going, what are the popular diets that will affect your F&B operations and how to cater for guests’ evolving dietary needs and increased health awareness.

In conclusion, you’ll find a useful recap with 5 main takeaways to keep in mind when contemplating the world of diets.

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