Wellness around the world through the 7-step GWD manifest

Wellness around the world

WE(i) Think x Global Wellness Day

To celebrate Global Wellness Day, embark with WE(i) Think on a journey around the world to discover fun and interesting ways to implement the GWD 7 steps in your day-to-day toward a healthier life.

We’ve paired them with some of our WE(i) Discover series below:

1. Walk (or dance) for an hour in Brazil

2. Drink more water in Equatorial Guinea

3. Don’t use plastic bottles in Bahrain

4. Eat healthy food in Burkina Faso

5. Do a good deed in Cameroon

6. Have a family dinner with your loved ones in Denmark

7. Sleep at 10:00 pm in The Netherlands

As human beings, we have outsmarted ourselves when it comes to taking care of our wellbeing. Technology, convenience, and the business of modern-day life have overtaken our ability to recognise the benefits of practices that were once normal and a part of every-day life. Looking at traditions and lifestyle all over the globe, we notice that the GWD 7 steps are inherent in local cultures and have been around for several years in various forms.

WE(i) Think is happy to partner with the Global Wellness Day to celebrate living well, taking a moment to reflect on our health and habits, meet with empowering people improving the wellbeing of their communities and hopefully inspire you to improve your lifelong journey to wellbeing with this little trip through the five continents.

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